Wonderful summer Sweden, castles castles castles everywhere ......., vodka tonics at $ 12 ....., painted Dalecarlia wooden horses and museums of the Swedish glorious past as one of the great powers of Europe back in the 17th century!


Carl Gustaf welcomes you
to Sweden, Nettie!
A Great Swedish Warlord!

Carl Gustaf Wrangel, lord of
Skokloster Castle north of Stockholm Sweden.

The Royal Palaces of Sweden

Sweden 2006

Nettie´s Gothenburg Tour June 2006

Nettie and Ingrid Hinckley
at the Elite Park Avenue Hotel
ONA Gothenburg Sweden June 10, 2006
- 40 year jubilee 1966 - 2006!
Photo by Gun Vidal

Elisabeth and Eva Ohlsson,
Ingrid Nilsson´s friend - Happy reunion!(The zebra striped top I´m wearing is a birthday gift from Nettie, along with the other four tops I got! Nettie is a great dresser and now I am too!)

Ingrid Hinckley´s fabulous mother
Anna-Lisa Mjornell and Uffe Karlson,
Elisabeth´s husband

Generous Nettie invited everybody
to drinks and beer at the Chaleo!

Following magnificent reunion lunch at the
Elite Hotel Plaza Hotel,
we proceeded to restaurant Chaleo,
Anita Stibeck Envall, Elisabeth and Britt Carlsson Thorstvedt, not appearing on photo Nettie, Gun Vidal, Uffe Karlson and Nettie´s host in Gothenburg Kjell Thorstvedt.

While in Gothenburg Nettie stayed with
Britt and Kjell Thorstvedt.

Britt and Nettie flew ONA 1960 in California!

At the Thorstvedt house generous arrival party, Elisabeth, Karin Baardsen Evensen, Nettie and Britt.

Britt taking Nettie and Karin for sightseeing in Gothenburg before reunion lunch.

Sunday after reunion dinner Karin Baardsen Evensen returned to Oslo, and Nettie in the company of Britt and Kjell visited the Tjoloholm Castle south of Gothenburg. ONA reunion function celebrated, we took off for Swedish capital Stockholm to Elisabeth and Uffe´s house in Upplands Vasby, north of Stockholm.

Linkoping Cathedral

Driving by car from Gothenburg to Stockholm, passing by Linkoping Cathedral, the church is almost 800 years old, Nettie and Uffe lighting candles at the memorial candle holder.

Stockholm Royal Castle
situated in Stockholm City

A tree grows in Singo

Ingrid, Elisabeth, Hasse & Nettie, Uffe taking the photo
The magnificent tree in Hasse & Ingrid´s summer residence landscape garden at Singo is believed to be a giant beamtree, a Sorbus aria.

Watch out for fruits of the beamtree!

"The seeds probably contain hydrogen cyanide. This is the ingredient that gives almonds their characteristic flavour. Unless the seed is very bitter it should be perfectly safe in reasonable quantities. In small quantities, hydrogen cyanide has been shown to stimulate respiration and improve digestion, it is also claimed to be of benefit in the treatment of cancer. In excess, however, it can cause respiratory failure and even death."

Experiencing the caipirinia drink, I assure you, that could be lethal ... a tastier drink seldom landed on my pallate ....... oye muchacha brasilera ........ai caramba che forte ..........

Nettie´s Stockholm Tour June 2006

While in Stockholm Nettie visited the Royal Armoury Museum located in the Stockholm Royal Castle, where king CARL GUSTAF XVI performs daily duties when presiding at home.

Edsberg Castle, Sollentuna north Stockholm city

Nettie, Elisabeth & Uffe at the Edsberg Palace Park, a smaller castle park, mainly in the English style, but with other elements such as 17th century walks. During the summertime, an oasis of flowers and the Brygghuset café. The castle was built in 1630.

Lunch with Elisabeth & Uffe´s son Johan and family Jessica and little Gustaf, 2,5 years - Nettie brought wonderful GAP outfits for Gustaf!

Nettie and Elisabeth ready for takeoff on the
DC-8 leaving Frankfurt, Germany, 1967.

Visit TGI Friday´s at Stockholm King´s Garden!

At Edsberg Palace Park with Elisabeth & Uffe!

At Millesgarden with Anna!

With Air Bahama F/A Anna Eriksson at the Millesgarden Art Center - Meet a Mediterranean summer at Millesgården - The artist-couple Carl and Olga Milles transformed the sunny room adjoing the sculptor's studio into what for obvious reason became known as the Red Room.

Nettie, Elisabeth & Anna

Uffe, Elisabeth & Anna

Lunch at Elisabeth´s terrace in the lovely summer of June, just before Midsummer!

Parading before changing of the guards at the Royal Palace in Stockholm city center. Visiting Drottningholm Castle, present abode of the Swedish King & Queen and their family situated some 12 km outside the city on the countryside. Also a short visit at China Castle close by Drottningholm castle

Drottningholm Castle

Nettie checking out the guards at Swedish Royal Family Castle Drottningsholm 20 km west of Stockholm city

Singo Archipelago with Ingrid & Hasse!

Nettie, Ingrid and Hasse Nilsson
and Uffe Karlson at Singo Archipelago
north of Stockholm

A wonderful overnight stay at summer
paradise Singo

Hasse & Uffe in a joint effort to try and get the barbeque ready, try, well, how many sausages do you see after two Brazilian Caipirinia and how cool is the sea ....... Hasse and ONA F/A Ingrid earlier lived in Sao Paolo Brazil and Hasse still travels there a lot with his job as chairman for some companies.

Making of Caipirinia
Brazilian lime cocktail
2 tsp superfine sugar
1 lime cut into small wedges
2 to 2 1/2 oz Cachaca

In a glass gently mash lime wedges.
Add sugar and muddle until dissolved
into lime juice. Add ice.
Pour Cachaca, stir.

We had a great time with Ingrid and Hasse at Singo,
thanks for the hospitality and hope to meet soon again!

Singo Archipelago, Roslagen
North Stockholm Sweden

Erik´s Gondolen at Sodermalm

Lunch at the Gondolen Restaurant with Gun Vidal and Marie Warberg Curman!

Gun Vidal in the engine and Marie Warberg Curman and Nettie Miller on the DC-8 aft jumpseat,
ONA 1967 and Stockholm Sweden 2006 when Nettie invited Gun and Marie to Gondolen Restaurant in Stockholm Center!

We did a sightseeing tour by boat of Stockholm city and started with a trip along the shady canal of Djurgården. As the canal opens out into the sea, we returned towards the city and passed Fjaderholmarna islands, Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde, the Vasa Museum, Sodermalm and Slussen at old town.

Trip to medieval king Gustav Wasa
1523 Gripsholm Castle
the castle is situated some 60 km south Stockholm

Always generous Nettie invited us to lunch at plush Gripsholm Inn!
The Gripsholm Inn hotel and restaurant is a popular retreat and haven for the capital´s great number of business & golf audiences. Lunches will be around $ 30 per person and drinks $ 15 .... it´s summer, it´s Sweden!
Thank you for a great lunch Nettie!

Elisabeth admiring the runic inscriptions
on stone outside Gripsholm castle

"Odin, the Norse High God of the Aesir, hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, impaled on his own spear, for nine days and nights in order to gain the knowledge of runes. When the runes appeared below him, he reached down and took them up, and the runic knowledge gave him power. He later passed on this knowledge to the Vanir goddess Freya. She, in turn, taught him the magic of seidr. Heimdall, the god who guarded the Rainbow Bridge, taught the runes to mankind."

Gripsholm Castle

Nettie and Uffe at the Gripsholm inner courtyard well from the 14th century

Nettie and Uffe inspecting cannons stolen by the noble Swedes from the Russians a little more than 300 years ago, as our neighbours Denmark arranged a united attack against the Swedish super power. The Swedes were calling for the help of God and by perfoming a successful landing on Danish soil, Denmark was temporarily out of the war, Saxons and Polish troops were held back outside the city of Riga and the small field army could parade away to free Narva town, taken by the Russians.

On November 20, the sacred year 1700, one of world history´s most overwhelming victories took place. The outcome of the battle was however not at all certain, it was a small, tired and starving Swedish troop attacking a much stronger enemy well hidden behind the fortresses. The war scream "With God´s help" was indeed necessary.

Elsabeth taking a photo of Nettie
overlooking the NK shop area by the
King´s Garden.

Nettie taking a photo of Elisabeth
overlooking the NK shop area by the
King´s Garden....

Having coffee and cake at chic Birger Jarlsgatan, next to Laura Ashley shop and close to noted Swedish restaurant Riche, having taken a 15 minute tour of the Halwyl museum just before closing time at 4 pm, and shot some photos outside the Royal Dramatic Theater.

The Halwyl Palace Museum

Next door to the Halwyl Museum is a Lebanese restaurant where we took Nettie for lunch. We had planned to take her to elegant Operakallaren which unfortunately proved to be closed for the summer on the lunch veranda.
We also walked on the Ostermalm Square in plush Stockholm Ostermalm district and did an extensive shopping tour by foot at King Street and Queen Street.

Elisabeth and Nettie dressed for succes on
a wonderful summer evening of June 2006
Ristorante Venezia Stockholm City -
Vodka tonic at $ 12 .....
Uffe took the photo and Nettie sent
it from San Francisco!

Ancient Sweden - Medieval Sweden
Uppsala Castle and Cathedral

Uppsala is a town situated 70 km north of Stockholm and we toured the city returning from Singo Archipelago on our way back to Upplands Vasby where we live just north of Stockholm. Uppsala is truly the cradle of the Swedish nation. We toured the wonderful Uppsala Cathedral, cradle of the Swedish nation, and walked up to the Uppsala Castle and also drove by car by the Old Uppsala hills, were the old heathen chiefs and kings are buried, the ancient Vikings, followed by medieval knights and noblemen.

Royal Dramatic Theater of Stockholm