To all friends and associates of Duane H. Delk,
We regret to inform you Duane H. Delk passed 
away on 1-11-2010 at 6:30pm est at the Trident 
Hospital in N. Charleston SC. 

 The visitation will take place on Thursday 
1-14-2010 between the hrs. of 6:00 and 8:00pm 
at the James A. Dyal Funeral Home located on 
303 South Main Street Summerville, SC. 

The Funeral Service will take place on Friday 
1-15-2010 at 11:00am at the First Baptist 
Church of Summerville located at the 
intersection of Carolina and Central Ave. 
in Summerville, SC.

Formal Military dress will be most welcome.
The Duane H. Delk Family

Lockheed L-188 Electra
N284F at JFK in 1973

Holder of the ONA Super Wings Gold Award for magnificent contributions to the ONA Crew Web

by courtesy Duane Delk

On Aug 72 I was transfered to KFFO which
is at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
on the Logair contract. I remained
there until I was furloughed on Aug 74.
A career on vintage prop transports

I was hired by ONA on 11 Nov 71
and was based at KNGU, Norfolk NAS, VA
flying the L-188 on the Navy Quicktrans contract.

Porter Pierce

I see that you have a site for 
Porter Pierce.
I have a story about meeting Porter at ONA.  
We were on a Horse Charter to LAX in the 
L-188 and were talking and I said that I 
was from Florida.  He said that he was 
also.  I asked him where in Florida was
he from, and he said Elfers.  I said you 
have to be kidding me, I didn't know any 
of the boys from Elfers got enough 
education to know how to fly airplanes.   
Then I told him that I was from Palm 
Harbor.  Then I asked him if he knew my 
wife who was Shirley Burney before we 
were married.  He said not only do I 
know her, but I used to ride home from 
the movie with her Daddy, who ran the 
projector at the movie in New Port 
Richey.  Then I came to realize that 
I knew his sister Joy Pierce who was 
older than him. I thought that this
might show how small the world is.

Ed Chandler

Ed Chandler and I are long time friends. We were hired as co-pilots at Hawaiian on the L-188. After about six months FEO Jerry Gardner was called back to ONA and either Ed or myself had to go back to being a Flight Engineer. I was senior to Ed, but I gave him a choice of either making more money or the glory of perhaps being a Captain someday. Fe's made $5 an hour more than co-pilots. Ed became a Captain on the L-188 at HAL and later went on to more glory.
Duane Delk meeting Sam Culpepper

These are photos of an Electra training
class, March 1969. Graduations were 
commonly held at The Owl, a local 
"watering hole". 

Photo courtesy Maggie Zeibak
Frank Schooley is on the right side of above photo. The training was at JFK Training Centre in March 1969. Frank was an instructor, together with Stu Wotton who just passed away.

Were you in this class or do you know the pilots on the photo, please communicate their names!

Duane Delk, megasize ONA crew web contributor, has the answer, at least to who some of the people are! Duane says: "I talked to FEO Jerry Gardner who lives near Atlanta and we came up with three other names of people in the picture. I think that we accounted for all of the Flight Engineer's in the class. On the first row sitting left to right we think is FEO Earl Spagenberg. #2 next to Earl is Ted Moore. #3 next to Ted is FEO Jim Basham who is deceased. #4 next to Jim is FE Byron Harlow and some people knew him as Roger Harlow and #5 is Frank Schooley the Class Instructor. On the second row the second person from the left with the glasses on is FEO George Coit who later became a First Officer on the L-188 with Hawaiian on the Log Air System. George is also deceased. The rest of the people must be pilots and we couldn't come up with any names. Also one correction. Ted Moore was a Capt at HAL on the DC-10, but when he retired he was a B-767 Capt. Regards, Duane Delk"
Squatting front left
Front row left to right
1. FEO Earl Spagenberg
2. Ted Moore
3. FEO Jim Basham RIP
4. Byron "Roger" Harlow 
5. Frank Schooley
Second row
7. FEO George Coit RIP
Two people standing far 
back left to right

Amazing ONA Crew!
The Charleston Community Band

French Horn instrumentalist
The Charleston Community Band
Music has been a great part of 
my life. Up until about two years 
ago I did a lot of singing.  One 
of my claims to fame was that I
sang for a wedding in Sondrestrom 
Greenland when I was flying KC-97's 
in the USAF and we were pulling 
Alert there! Over the years I sang 
in the Chorus with the Tampa,FL
Philharmonic Orchestra, the 
Springfield, MA Symphony Orchestra 
and the Oklahoma City Opera Chorus.  

I played the French Horn in High 
School 1947-1949.  I didn't play 
it again until 1996 when I joined 
the Charleston Community Band.  
I play the same Horn that I had in 
High School. Our Band is pretty good.  
We have between 60 and 70 people in
the Band.

Rehearsal of the Charleston Community Band
Greetings from Duane Delk!
Load down a fun music file!
Seattle Airline Collectibles Show

Duane and his truck

In addition to Logair I flew a 
lot of adhoc charters to 

Mexico City, Costa Rica and Virgin Islands ... and numerous Horse Charters in the US. I only flew the L-188.
I mentioned that I had flown C-97's with 
the Oklahoma ANG and when I finally got 
around to clicking on Guard C-97's, guess 
what came up!

Aircraft 53-218 which was in the Squadron 
I was in at Westover AFB, MA the 384th
Air Refueling Sqdn. from 1958 till 1963.  

We had consecutive Aircraft 53-218 through 
53-238. I also was in McMinville, OR going 
to DC-8 School with Evergreen Intl in 1989 
when the Aircraft was a restaurant there.  
I just thought this was interesting.
Best from Duane

Caribe Hilton San Juan, Puerto Rico
Prior to my employment with ONA I was in the 
USAF for twenty years as an Aircraft Mechanic 
and Flight Engineer. My last assignment in 
the Airforce was as an Advisor to the 
Oklahoma Air National Guard at 
Will Rodgers World Aprt at OKC.  

While I was there was when I found out about 
ONA.  Also Ted Moore and Bryon Harlow were 
Flight Engineer's on the Guard C-97's. 
So I got to give them check rides.  

Lockheed L-188 Electra
N284F at JFK in 1973

When I was hired by ONA I was
working full time for the Airforce 
Reserve at Charleston AFB,SC flying 
C-141"s as an Instructor Engineer.  
One Thursday night FEO Roy Harrison 
came through KCHS on a Quicktrans 
flight and called me at home and 
wanted to know if i would like to 
go to work for ONA.  I said "yes", 
took leave from my civil service 
job and reported to JFK for ground

I grew up in Pinellas County, FL and I thought that it was interesting that Linda Voor-Stowers lives in Palm Harbor, FL where I was raised. When I lived there the population was about 500 people. Now I think it's over 70,000. Also I graduated from High School in Tarpon Springs, FL were Al Wiseman lives.

LOGAIR operations at
Wright-Patterson ended in 1992.

Some of my favorite Capt's
were Bill Fox, Ron Richardson,
Neff Dee, Earl Howe and ...

Tony Gaeta RIP

Dick McConnell

Charlie Mott

 Duane made several trips in December of 1988
 from Gothenburg Sweden to Belem, Brazil flying
 the CL-44 with Aeron Int'l Airlines, 
which was formerly AirExpress International.

Eldorado International Airport,
Bogota, Colombia