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ONA 1959

Photo by Commercial
Studios Photographers
September 26, 1959
116 Franklin St GL 1-9717

Photo by Elton Godowns
Bush Field Guest House

June 26 - 27, 2004 - Britt and Kjell (Carlsson) Thorstvedt at Skarhamn!

On photo Elisabeth, Kjell, Nettie and Britt

Meeting Nettieīs ONA colleague from ONA 1960-64, Britt Carlsson Thorstvedt and her husband Kjell in their summer house in Skarhamn, Bohuslan County. What a splendid recap of the years that passed between 1964 up to 2004! Brittīs great hubby Kjell said to Nettie that after she left the laughter stayed in the ceiling .... they talked of all their friends from back then and about their apartment at Alameda by the Bay in Oakland, US.

Nettie says hello to the horses watching out for the fence with electrical current .... hence the stretch position ....

Sharing great hospitality at Britt and Kjellīs Bohuslan summer house! Friends forever!

We stayed the night with Britt and Kjell and the next day we went to an archipelago art gallery and toured the yachting harbor.

Brittīs delicious Strawberry Cream Midsummer cake

Reunion in Gothenburg Sweden July 2004!
Birgitta Johansson Lindskog ONA and mother,
Nenne Carlsson, friend
Nettie Miller ONA
Eva Jacobs Air Bahama,
Kjell & Britt Thorstvedt ONA
Elisabethīs husband Uffe
friend Inger
Evaīs partner Roland
roaming in the front is Fia Carlsson, reunion doggie!

Britt, Ulf Karlson and Nettie

Brittīs husband Kjell to the very right

Britt ONA 1959 and Birgitta Johansson Lindskog ONA 1966