Overseas National Airways

Welcome to Britt (Carlsson) Thorstvedt´s ONA Photo Safari!
Alameda by the Bay!

Greetings from Britt!
Here are more photos from ONA 1959 - 1964! Enjoy!
Thanks for sharing Britt!

Diary of a Stew´s 1st flight

  • Monday
    I feel highly honored for being asked to the cockpit.
  • Tuesday
    I spent 3 hours on the jumpseat with the captain. He seems to like me.
  • Wednesday
    The pilot made a proposal to me unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.
  • Thursday
    The pilot threatened to ditch the plane if I didn´t agree to his proposals.
  • Friday
    I saved 88 lives.

  • Britt and Fifi Labine


    Britt in sunglasses with Alice Kumschick

    Hey goodlookin´
    What you got cookin´
    How about cookin´ somethin´ up with me!

    F/E Will Brown

    Judy Lonergan and Britt in Athens

    Christmas in Hawaii - Mele Kalikimaka!
    Bob Love in chequered shirt in center

    Christmas Party in Hawaii - Britt in lilac and peeping out at the counter is Nettie Miller

    Britt in Hawaii

    Britt with stewardess colleague on layover in 1962

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch .......

    Anchorage International Airport
    Camh Ranh Bay runway