The Aloha hotel
by Andy Andrechyn

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Sol Aloha Playa Hotel, Benalmadena, Malaga.


An ONA crew arrived in Malaga Spain and checked into the bar before retiring.

One Cold


The hotel was the Aloha where the bar was like a local candy store that had a large picture window that people could look into if they wished.

Caravaggio, Resting after fleeing from Egypt


The flight engineer passed out on the table visible to outsiders who viewed flight attendants pouring wine into his navel and sucking the wine out.


The management asked the crew to retire as the party was getting out of hand.

Troupe de Mademoiselle Eglantine,
Toulouse Lautrec

The hotel part of the complex was towards the rear, separated by a long walk from the bar.


Along the walk there was a swimming pool and you wouldn't think a flight crew would do a dumb thing like pushing someone into the pool.
But there was a dumbell in the crowd and someone got pushed in. Then someone who tried to keep the pushed person in, fell in also. Before long the whole crew were in the pool with their uniforms, wallets, purses, watches etc. The management had to come out and ask the crew to retire.


One of the stews offered her room to have everyone to dry off. The uniform pants and jackets shirts were hung on the outside railing to dry off and towels were provided while the drying process was taking place. With nothing to do they continued to imbibe.

Antonio Pollaiuolo (1431/32-1498) Italy
Battle of the Nudes, ca. 1489
Cincinnati Museum

As some of the males opened the door to check on the drying progress their clothes were sailed off the 7th floor and their towels were zipped off leaving them naked with only shoes in one hand and a drink in the other.


They made their way to the elevator to retrieve their garments only to hear American female tourists coming up the elevator.
The only thing they had to cover their private parts with were their shoes.

After the screaming stopped they made their way down to the ground level only to find most of the clothes wound up in the palm trees.

Tommy Kalfenbach offered to climb the trees to retrieve the clothes.
After falling off from the 10 foot level for the 4th time they decided it was a lost cause.

Some of the naughty stews found some of the shirts painted "I love you" on them and sent them to their homes. Best of my knowledge no divorces decrees were issued.

Divorce statistics graph /
PICASSO - Dora Maar, November 1937

Home Sweet Home