Eric Gray

I'm a soon to retire pilot and doing research 
on past airlines such as ONA.  I've viewed 
your website a few times but don't know my 
way around yet. I have a few questions for 
you if you don't mind:  Did ONA have a 
separate seniority list for pilots and for 
flight engineers?  The seniority lists I've 
viewed show pilots only.  ONA had flight 
engineers on Electras, Eights, and Tens 
(and earlier types) but were they on a 
separate list from the pilots?  I know the 
flight attendants would have been on a 
different list but I don't know about the 
cockpit crew.

Also, does anyone know of or remember a 
Mr. Armstrong at ONA?  I don't know if he 
was a pilot, flight engineer, or mechanic 
or what, just wondering if the name 
Armstrong rings a bell.  I have an 
acquaintance (named Armstrong) whose dad 
was with ONA but we don't have much of an 
opportunity to talk about him.  

I am personally familiar with two former 
ONA pilots (flew with both of them in 
life after ONA), Del Malliet and Bill 
Holloway.  I know Bill ("Sergeant Bilko") 
is gone now.  

I think I know how to contact Del.

I'm looking forward to my research on ONA 
and any direction you can give me will 
be appreciated.


Eric Gray at email