Air Bahama and Overseas National Airways
reunion in Sweden July 2-5, 2004!

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The Mostess Hostess party!
Air Bahama Chief Hostess Nettie Millerīs
good-bye party in Gothenburg July 8, 2004

Photos courtesy Nettie Miller and Britt Carlsson Thorstvedt
The photos from this glorious feast are shown in the (click here!!) slideshow and the people attending are these:

  • Photo no 1: Uffe, Elisabethīs husband, Britt Thorstvedt, ONA 1964 and Nettie Miller, ONA 1960-1968, IAB 1968-1970
  • Photo no 2: Nettie in silver, Elisabeth in black and Eva in cerise celebrating goodbye-party for Nettie in Gothenburg, July 8, 2004!
  • Photo no 3: Birgittaīs mother, Eva Jacobsīpartner
    Roland Franberg, Birgitta Johansson Lindskog, ONA 1966,
    Nenne Carlsson, friend! and Eva Jacobs
  • Photo no 4: Britt, Nenne, Birgittaīs mother, Roland and Birgitta!
  • Photo no 5: Nenne, Eva, Inger Carlsson and Kjell Thorstvedt
  • Photo no 6: Birgitta and Britt
  • Photo no 7: Beautiful Eva Jacobs!
  • Photo no 8: Birgittaīs mother and Elisabethīs husband Uffe tucking in!
  • Photo no 9: Birgitta, Nettie and Bīs mother!

  • The grand finale: Birgitta and mother, Nenne, Nettie,
    Eva, Kjell & Britt, Uffe, Inger and Roland, roaming
    in the front is Fia Carlsson, reunion doggie!